Art as an expression of creativity and beauty has always played a large roll in my life. It now serves as the core, and guiding light, to all that I do.

As an interior designer I apply a similar process to both commercial and residential interiors as I do when I approach an empty canvas: transforming environments by balancing color, form, and materials, and then adding art to bring vibrancy and life into each room.

I served nearly a decade as the Executive Director of Paintbrush Diplomacy, a non-profit that facilitates peace and understanding through the exchange of art by children from around the world. After seeing thousands of powerful paintings from nearly every culture, I learned that we all just want to express, our inner selves through a creative voice.

My art and expression:

Painting is my way of connecting to myself, and often reveals my subconscious state of mind. I can be inspired by the process of mixing colors but then driven by the shapes that appear on the canvas. I enjoy moving from representational to abstract artwork, which often requires different thought processes to achieve an unknown result. A representational piece challenges my skills, and compels me to want to learn more about what makes a great painting. Problem solving in a painting can teach one to let go, and trust the next step; not unlike life itself.

Making a commitment to the practice of doing art has been an allusive goal at times in my life. I am grateful this goal is now vital in my pursuit of finding that which is undiscovered within myself.